DoMagick ~ Chaplet of Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is today’s Archangel. The chaplet is much shorter than Michael’s, and because of that, I think that it was easier to reflect on the words more as I was reciting them. Thinking on it, there is a more gentle, inner feel to this chaplet, as befits this day being ruled by the Moon. Michael’s chaplet feels much more solar/action oriented, whilst Gabriel’s feels more lunar/reflective.

I found myself sitting after the chaplet was completed and thinking about making myself a vessel of Grace. Of course, this appeals to my love of the Eldar and all things Middle Earth. The Elves themselves, being filled with the Grace of the Valinor, as they were the first Children of Ilúvatar.

Yes, I do adore the creation story as told by the dear Professor in the Silmarillion, and have no trouble using it to frame my own cosmology.

Back to the chaplet. I found myself studying the words and thinking about how to make myself a vessel of grace. Of how I could find a way to live to my ideal in this world — and that is a hard thing, to respond to this world’s blatant materialist message (I’m looking at you Xmas in October!!) with grace intact.

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DoMagick ~ Chaplet of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael by Michael Komark

Today I began the formal Archangel workings with reciting the Chaplet of St Michael. No, I don’t know why the Archangels are called saints — I probably read that somewhere and glossed over it as, as far as I know, the Archangels were never living humans, etc.

I opened with lighting a white candle which was followed up by the Circle of Stars. As I recited the chaplet, I was aware of the sun on my face warming me and helping to put my mind into a quieter state.

There was some fumbling over old-yet-still-familiar words. In those cases, a breath was taken and the recitation begun again. Quickly, though, the old, dusty pattern of recitations became comfortable and my mind/body settled into the work.

After I finished, I sat in quiet contemplation for a time, and then closed the working.

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Do Magick ~ Beading

I have found that I am not overly fond of beading. I made four of the chaplets today – and toward the end, it was not at all meditative. The chaplets are turning out well, for the most part, but some two are much smaller than the others and look rather silly in a circle at this scale. So, they are straight lines for the time being. They will have to be remade with larger beads at some point.

The other three are going to be made tomorrow after I complete Michael’s chaplet as my meditative act.

DoMagick ~ Refinement

Image by Stephanie Law

It is the 1st of December and my #DoMagick challenge has begun.

However, there is a bit of a change. I am still going to be doing the Archanagel work, but have to admit being a bit stressed out and uncomfortable about the beginning of this work. After a few days of putting it down to nerves, jitters, etc. I sat down and did some divination.

Long story short, I found myself uncomfortable with the approach of using what was at hand in a pinch. I truly want to make tools that will serve me for this working and beyond. The idea of starting on a shoestring, as it were, and then crafting tools as the challenge progressed just really nagged at me. Especially with Archangels involved, if you catch my drift. I was also discomforted by starting with a Power that I had only heard of recently — Barachiel, Blessing of God — and had no relationship with at all, save what I’ve read on paper.

Solution-wise, it seemed to be a choice between beginning poorly, or postponing the working. Neither option was attractive. It was an inharmonious place to be, and the work day was not at all conducive for solutions to appear. In fact, many well laid plans for this day went astray, and I found chances for new decisions to be made opening and, while not making up for the changing plans, offered a solace and satisfaction of their own. It was while following one of these newly opened paths that a solution came to me.

I was going to begin the challenge today, after all, but with a refinement.

I went to the craft store as my meditative act for the day. My emergency fund still had a few dollars left in it, and I decided to use it for this project. In the bead and charm sections, I spent a good, long time examining everything on offer with which to make my chaplets. Materials were either hot or cold to the touch, and I narrowed the bead selections down to rosewood and white stone. In the end, the white stone felt the most “right” and I bought 224 inches of them. I’ve no idea how many beads that is, but it looks more than sufficient to make the chaplets. For the medals, I found pretty cross charms with abstract floral designs on them. There were exactly 7 of them, so I took that as a sign and got them, as well. Then it was over to the embroidery floss and another long time was spent looking for the right colours for cording the beads. I also picked up a new blank sketch book for recording the work and any inspirations/messages. etc that might come along with this working in.

Tomorrow, I will be making the chaplets as my meditative act. I will start with the Circle of Stars banishing, say a prayer of intent to the Archangels, make the chaplets, and close the working with a repetition of the Circle of Stars.

Sunday, the day of Michael, I will begin the chaplets proper. I have had positive workings with Michael in the past and feel comfortable beginning this angelic work with him first.

After all of this, I felt satisfied about this solution. It feels harmonious. It is not at all what I had first planned for, but it is not worrying at me or making me like a failure before the month is even properly begun. I fell, too, as if I have begun my relationship with Barachiel in finding this path to the working.  It is quite a blessing to feel harmonious, for even the smallest of times.

DoMagick ~ Setback?

Image from Stephanie Law

Well, announce your intentions to the universe and the universe answers back.


My planning budget for the angelic work I will be doing for the #DoMagick 30 day challenge will now be going to car repairs. It’s this sort of unexpected crap that gets me wondering about how twisted the sense of humour the Fates might have.

So, I will be using coloured cords in the short term and printed art instead of statuettes. It’s not my ideal, but I will not be postponing the work.

I’m also offering up my gratitude. Even though the timing wasn’t great, it could have been a whole lot worse. This could have happened to or from my family’s house this holiday. It could have happened tomorrow on my way to work. It could have happened when no service garages were open. And, I got a lift home from one of the mechanics and didn’t have to walk 3 miles. Not terrible by any stretch.

T-minus four days and counting.

DoMagick – 30 days of meditative acts

Image from Stephanie Law

This December, I am taking part in Andrieh Vitimus’ #DoMagick 30 day challenge. The theme for December is meditative acts. I have to admit that the timing for this is almost perfect, as I have been reading Digital Ambler‘s working with the Archangels and have been wanting to begin using those devotionals myself.

To get ready for the challenge, as the research has been done for me, I am doing a few things.

This weekend, I cleaned my home from top-to-bottom. Things not being used and/or worn were given to charities and clutter was organised.

I have been looking at beads to make my chaplets for reciting the angelic devotionals. I’ve also found a set of small statues that I will be purchasing for my altar space. The chaplets will be made and consecrated to the work before December begins — quite probably over Thanksgiving break, in all honesty.

I have also been taking up the daily practice of banishing. I am trying to get both morning and evening rites done, but they have been a bit hit-or-miss, with generally at least one occurring daily. The banishing that I am using is from Phil Hine. I don’t know if it has a formal name, but I call it Circle of Stars. It just gels with me and for me, and I have noticed that work days are much calmer (at least for me) after I begin the day with the banishing. I do struggle to get to it at the closing of my day, but am going to be trying it as a transition from the work day to my own time when I get home from work.

So, here it is, my public declaration of intent. Sometimes she talks to angels, indeed.

I ran with scissors~

About a month ago, I cut my hair.


I went from almost being able to sit on my hair to a long bob in the span of 45 minutes.

I needed a change. I needed to cut the past from me, and begin fresh. I needed to know that I would survive, still fierce and free.

And… I liked it.

It’s not easier to care for, by any means. I can no longer skip a few days between washes, although arrow root is my best friend some hectic mornings. I’ve also fallen in love with the beach-babe wave my hair naturally has when it is is shorter.

Much of my resistance to cutting my hair was a hold-over of my mother always pressuring me. For the past 15+ years, I’ve had long hair (varying lengths, but always below the shoulder) and refused to cut it because that was the expectation my mother’s generation had.

It was a surprise to me when I went and did it. An impulse out of the blue that I acted on, much to the nervousness of the stylist. I know she sees many people go for a cut and then lament it, but hair is hair, and it grows. I have to admit that much of my resistance to cutting my hair was a hold-over of my mother always pressuring me. For the past 15+ years, I’ve had long hair (varying lengths, but always below the shoulder) and refused to cut it because that was the expectation my mother’s generation had. Women of a certain age should have short hair. Nonsense to that!

However, I did see a photograph of a beautiful older woman with silver hair in a long bob. Her expression was one of fierce determination. She was not finished with living her life, and damn if she wasn’t living it to her terms.

I admire that.

My haircut, on my terms. My life, on my terms.

And right now, I’m digging the sea salt spray and scarlet leaves on the shore vibes this year is bringing.

Entranced Sorcery

a meme poem~

Mysterious ecstasy of feather strokes on my skin
kindling dormant embers of Divinity within.
Divine magnetism drives me forward, pursuing this goal,
but this path to union, to wholeness, can take its tool.
Arcane fascination is a joy and delight,
Seductive charm bathed in sensual light.
Enigmatic Trickster! My fire, my soul,
beautiful feathered bird spun from alchemical gold.

The mysterious ecstasy of feather strokes on my skin
kindles dormant embers of Divinity within.

*The art work that went along with this ‘Witch name’ generator was lovely in itself, but the purpose was rather banal. Really. “Hello, I’m Transcendent Obsession, pleasure to meet you.” And yet, there is a certain playfulness the terms engender, and a certain calling to enliven the qualities within both myself and daily life. Perhaps not so much a ‘name’ generator so much as a theme for the day.
Worth further exploration.

Questions on a Friday afternoon~

What if everything you knew was a lie?

Wheels within wheel, in a spiral array,
the illusion of Eternity reflected in a
clockworks machine.

What if everything you knew was true?

Broken shells of worlds nested one within
another~ this time it will work, and Eternity
become real, not just a dream we chase in ‘the Cloud’.

What if everything you knew was both?

The Angel rises with the Daemon & falls
again to Matter,
Eternally married in the union of opposites.

And so it is, we dance.