DoMagick – 30 days of meditative acts

Image from Stephanie Law

This December, I am taking part in Andrieh Vitimus’ #DoMagick 30 day challenge. The theme for December is meditative acts. I have to admit that the timing for this is almost perfect, as I have been reading Digital Ambler‘s working with the Archangels and have been wanting to begin using those devotionals myself.

To get ready for the challenge, as the research has been done for me, I am doing a few things.

This weekend, I cleaned my home from top-to-bottom. Things not being used and/or worn were given to charities and clutter was organised.

I have been looking at beads to make my chaplets for reciting the angelic devotionals. I’ve also found a set of small statues that I will be purchasing for my altar space. The chaplets will be made and consecrated to the work before December begins — quite probably over Thanksgiving break, in all honesty.

I have also been taking up the daily practice of banishing. I am trying to get both morning and evening rites done, but they have been a bit hit-or-miss, with generally at least one occurring daily. The banishing that I am using is from Phil Hine. I don’t know if it has a formal name, but I call it Circle of Stars. It just gels with me and for me, and I have noticed that work days are much calmer (at least for me) after I begin the day with the banishing. I do struggle to get to it at the closing of my day, but am going to be trying it as a transition from the work day to my own time when I get home from work.

So, here it is, my public declaration of intent. Sometimes she talks to angels, indeed.


I ran with scissors~

About a month ago, I cut my hair.


I went from almost being able to sit on my hair to a long bob in the span of 45 minutes.

I needed a change. I needed to cut the past from me, and begin fresh. I needed to know that I would survive, still fierce and free.

And… I liked it.

It’s not easier to care for, by any means. I can no longer skip a few days between washes, although arrow root is my best friend some hectic mornings. I’ve also fallen in love with the beach-babe wave my hair naturally has when it is is shorter.

Much of my resistance to cutting my hair was a hold-over of my mother always pressuring me. For the past 15+ years, I’ve had long hair (varying lengths, but always below the shoulder) and refused to cut it because that was the expectation my mother’s generation had.

It was a surprise to me when I went and did it. An impulse out of the blue that I acted on, much to the nervousness of the stylist. I know she sees many people go for a cut and then lament it, but hair is hair, and it grows. I have to admit that much of my resistance to cutting my hair was a hold-over of my mother always pressuring me. For the past 15+ years, I’ve had long hair (varying lengths, but always below the shoulder) and refused to cut it because that was the expectation my mother’s generation had. Women of a certain age should have short hair. Nonsense to that!

However, I did see a photograph of a beautiful older woman with silver hair in a long bob. Her expression was one of fierce determination. She was not finished with living her life, and damn if she wasn’t living it to her terms.

I admire that.

My haircut, on my terms. My life, on my terms.

And right now, I’m digging the sea salt spray and scarlet leaves on the shore vibes this year is bringing.

Entranced Sorcery

a meme poem~

Mysterious ecstasy of feather strokes on my skin
kindling dormant embers of Divinity within.
Divine magnetism drives me forward, pursuing this goal,
but this path to union, to wholeness, can take its tool.
Arcane fascination is a joy and delight,
Seductive charm bathed in sensual light.
Enigmatic Trickster! My fire, my soul,
beautiful feathered bird spun from alchemical gold.

The mysterious ecstasy of feather strokes on my skin
kindles dormant embers of Divinity within.

*The art work that went along with this ‘Witch name’ generator was lovely in itself, but the purpose was rather banal. Really. “Hello, I’m Transcendent Obsession, pleasure to meet you.” And yet, there is a certain playfulness the terms engender, and a certain calling to enliven the qualities within both myself and daily life. Perhaps not so much a ‘name’ generator so much as a theme for the day.
Worth further exploration.

Questions on a Friday afternoon~

What if everything you knew was a lie?

Wheels within wheel, in a spiral array,
the illusion of Eternity reflected in a
clockworks machine.

What if everything you knew was true?

Broken shells of worlds nested one within
another~ this time it will work, and Eternity
become real, not just a dream we chase in ‘the Cloud’.

What if everything you knew was both?

The Angel rises with the Daemon & falls
again to Matter,
Eternally married in the union of opposites.

And so it is, we dance.

Silk-spun hermitage

I have cocooned myself this summer~
wrapped myself away from the daily chaos modern life bombards us with;
wrapped myself away with silk-soft strands of animal wisdom around me.

I learned from my dog to play with abandon;
to bark & howl with sheer joy a moving body brings;
to wag my tail & invite others to play – without shame or judgement – & share this exuberance of life.

I learned from my cats it is okay to walk away when I am done;
to nap without excuse & to do nothing with serene & regal grace;
to blink my eyes slowly in the face of ‘should be doing(s)’, stretch languidly & reply that I am doing nothing but being.

I have cocooned myself away this summer.
I shall not break free – that struggle is for the butterfly & not me.
I wish to expand this cocoon of earned wisdom & find others of like mind.
Together, we can create the world I long to Be in.

While I wait, wet & weary…

raven in rain
Raven in the rain ~ found on

A fragile sort of melancholy has settled around me, a rain-spun shroud of mist and dreams that is waiting desperately for the sun so that I can shrug it off and fly into golden summer days.

This image captures my mood beautifully. Just waiting for the skies to clear, and sitting, thinking… with occasional lapses into pondering.

Doesn’t the year know that I have plans for my free time? I have almost two free months for myself after this school year ends (in 7 work days, and I am counting): and time is taking its merry time bringing me across that line. It has been a long year — a marathon year — and I am ready to close it.

But for now, I must wait for the rain to end and for the 9th of June to do that.  In the meantime, I shall continue to ponder, and be grateful that my feathers are waterproof.

A Witch looks at Fifty

Morning & Evening skin care products.
Recently, I celebrated a milestone birthday. It was a bitter-sweet occasion marked by the physical absence of my mother, but my children and I still invoked her memory at dinner, and thus, she was still with me.

One of the memories I shared was how, a few years ago, I had begun using some night creams. I admitted to being a dabbler in that area, never quite seeing the need (good genetic trees can make you a bit blasé to a few things), and how my mother cracked a smart-ass remark about being early on the skin care bandwagon. My dabbling continued off-and-on over the years, until now. It’s that milestone, and a few other things, drawing skin care more readily to mind.

“It was one of the few sorrows of Granny Weatherwax’s life that, despite all her efforts, she’d arrived at the peak of her career with a complexion like a rosy apple and all her teeth.”
Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters

This winter, I taught swimming classes after school three nights a week. All that time in a chlorinated pool did terrible things to my skin. Dry, tight, dull, and flakey are words that spring readily to mind. To say that I was displeased was an understatement. Fortunately, the means to the remedy was very close to me. My daughter is (and has been for a decade) a fan of K-pop. K-pop idols have beautiful skin, so I began to do my research on the latest fashion fad — which is Korean beauty regimes. I like these, because the look is dewy and fresh, not flat and matte, as is the trend here in the USA.

The classic ten steps (I know. “Ten!” was my first thought, too.) are the basic: (daily) 1. Oil cleanse 2. Water cleanse 3. Toner 4. Essence 5. Serums/Ampoules/Face Oils 6.Seal/Protect 7. Eye Cream 8. Skin Cream/Moisturiser (added once weekly) 9. Exfoliator 10. Masks.

It seems a lot at first glance, but I have gotten proficient with following these steps morning and evening, cutting the application time down from 10 to 5 minutes. It has been worth it to add this to my morning routine, and the results are now noticeable. I’m shopping at Peach and Lily now, and customizing my skin care regime to get the healthiest skin possible. Granny Weatherwax and I do disagree on this aspect of witch-hood, after all.

I have begun to buy all my products from Peach & Lily. They have a reward point system, and if you’d like to try them, click this link and you will get $10.

Beyond Rappaccini

I told you I was the witch.
I told you I was the wolf.

I cannot dumb it down any more for you.
Society has already made you~
an ignorant cow, stupidly chewing
the cud of media bullshit
in the putrid glow of your television screen.
(Your kind makes me want to scream.)

I would try to elucidate you,
but I have given up the habit of banging my head against society’s walls.


I shall eat with you honey collected from the finest foxgloves and mandragora,
and grown in the garden you seek to Roundup and destroy.
My words always sweet to your kind, but dripping poison
to undermine you.

I shall perfume the air with salvia, wormwood, and myrrh.
My eyes watchful, waiting for you
to dip a drowsy nod & then I shall haunt your dreams
and turn your world inside out.

I shall feel the moist soil on my hands as I dig,
continuing to plant ivy to climb your walls and pull them down.
I will tend the slender willow, smiling when her roots crack open your controlled pipelines
and release the wild waters across your barren landscape.

I shall continue to anoint my skin with hemlock,
belladonna, henbane, and wild rose;
With my touch alone, I shall send you to the wild mountain to dance with the devil
and pull civilization from your shrieking soul.

I am the witch.
I am the wolf.

If you continue to seek my company
I shall, like Beatrice, kill you
so that you are reborn,
fit to keep me company.

Forest for the Trees

“I don’t understand you.”

You might if you noticed.

“I don’t know why you (insert everything but the one thing you like here).”

I know you don’t, hide-bound in
your orthodoxy,
your dogma,
your conservatism,
your fear.

You see only one side of the umbrella of me turning a blind gaze upon me when I twirl~

dancing in the rain.

You see only my back – or worse,
only the footprints I leave when I wander through the unmapped forest~

There’s wolves there… and witches.
Which scares you the most?
You cannot grasp that I am both.

You want me to be just one thing.
You want me to be your version of me,
your vision of me sacrosanct in your imagining,
your security, your comfort, intact.

you cannot force me to answer to one name,
one label,
for your convenience or safety, coward.

I am not a single flower, mother-fucker,
I’m the whole damn Garden.