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Ashtoreth Eldritch is both my pen and magical name for public use in writing and arcane circles. I tried keeping an account for writing only, but that didn’t work out so well for me. I am a witch & I cannot keep the magical separate from my writing.

I started blogging at LiveJournal and then moved to Dreamwidth in 2009. My blogging has gone through green spurts and fallow periods. I hope to apply the things that I have learned (finally!) and get in a better blogging habit.

On 15 May, 2017, I turned fifty! Holy birthday candles, Batman — what a great ride it’s been so far. Looking forward to the next 50+. Needless to say, meeting this milestone has seen me determined to engage in many more adventures.

The first adventure of this new trip round the sun has been delving into the world of Korean beauty products. I am impressed.

We’re also planning more day trips for summer holiday. One of the first ones will be a tour of Virginia’s craft breweries that participated in the Devil’s Backbone Adventure Collaboration pack.

Stay tuned! This page will be getting bigger.