In Heaven, only abstinence remains~



Or, is that absence?

One of the unintended (& most interesting) take aways from the last #Domagick challenge was the persistent presence of perfectionism in my psyche. I hadn’t realised how much it was silently influencing a large part of my life until a humble stomach virus threw the proverbial spanner into the works.

During the process of writing the progress reports for the last two days, the presence of this crippling aspect came into focus. Sharing that with the participants’ group gave me the opportunity to read some excellent feedback about this bug-a-boo. It also gave me a lens to look at other areas where this drive for perfectionism exists. It is quite persistent.

Which loops to the title of this piece. There is a great deal that I am not doing, and by not doing, all of the eidolons of my projects remain perfect.

Perfect, but unmanifest. And isn’t manifestation the reason for existence? For me, manifestation means action not absence. I must leave that heaven of abstinence.

Time, then, to saunter vaguely downwards and do more magick.