Dedicated blog for #DoMagick


It is spring*. The weather is chaotic, the sap is rising, the birds are inbound and outward bound on their migrations.

And, this witch is eyeing the upcoming April action portion of the 30Day Do Magic Challenge which is dedicated to Transformation – Self Alchemy, Ascension, Cleansing. It is going to be a wild ride — these things usually are — and I have decided that I am going to record my participation for this challenge (and all future ones) in a dedicated blog. It soothes the organisational panic in me, and that is a good thing.

Please add Notes from the Underground to your feed if you wish to follow along. The inaugural post – Per audacia ad astra~ – is live.


~~*Seriously, the ospreys have returned. It’s spring no matter the fact that there are still occasional snow flurries to be seen. See chaotic weather comment above.